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From joining the RAF at 18 years old as a Physical training instructor to then playing 18 years as a professional footballer Gareth

has learnt what hard work, discipline and team work can achieve. Playing at clubs like Everton with Paul Gascoigne to Jamie Vardy at Fleetwood town, he has experienced all levels of the professional game.


These experiences led Gareth to be in front of the camera as a sports model and after 10 years working alongside some of the biggest stars in professional sport such as Messi, Pogba, Mbappe and Rashford it was a natural progression to move into choreography.


His qualifications from being a PTI where he learnt to teach the 16 national sports from tennis, rugby to boxing then onto progressing to his A license football coaching badge. Alongside this, Gareth’s infectious personality and calmness in pressured situations we feel he has become an excellent addition to the PLAYMAKER team.

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