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Ryan is PLAYMAKER’S bundle of energy, enthusiasm and creativity on any given set. With a long standing background in professional sport and ten year’s experience in this sector, his abilities go further than just action, and clients are always struck by his personable capacity for working with a wide range of athletes from different sports and from all around the globe.


It is on set, that Ryan comes into his own. Watching him work with the biggest names in world sport, clients are struck by how at ease, even the biggest stars are around him. Leo Messi, Antoine Griezman, Paul Pogba and Sadio Mane among countless others would testify to Ryan’s interpersonal skills that help create a high-energy, yet comfortable atmosphere on set.


Ryan is a brilliant communicator who offers the prefect bridge between the director or photographer and the athletes or models being used. Athletes trust him, as do clients we work with across leading brands around the world.

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