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What is Sports Choreography?

If you have ever seen a commercial or advertisement where a sports personality is promoting a brand or product, you can bet that a sports choreographer has had a hand in how that commercial turned out.

When it comes to creating a visual advertisement that is using a sports personality to promote a product or service, many creative directors will be thrown into the deep end with how to manage the celebrity in order for their creative vision to come to life on the screen. When this happens, they may turn to the services of a sports choreography agency.

The team here at Playmaker specialise in sports choreography for sports advertising. Below the team describe what sports choreography is and how it can benefit brands and directors.

Getting that shot

For many creative directors, they may have a vision for their advert or commercial but when confronted with the task of having to tell a sports star or personality exactly what to do in order to get that perfect shot, can be a different and challenging task entirely.

A sport choreographer will listen to the creative director’s idea and vision and can relay to the sports star what they need to be doing in front of the camera to make their vision come to life.

Expert advice

Using a sporting choreographer doesn’t mean that they will come to set with an idea of taking over production, instead they are there to give their expertise on how the sporting star should be moving and acting in front of the camera, whether it be telling a footballer what to do with the ball on set or directing a boxer on how they should be shadowboxing the camera. Their expertise on how to communicate with these sporting stars and achieve results from them is invaluable.

Finding talent

Along with being able to achieve the desired results from sports personalities on camera, sports choreographers, such as the ones here at Playmaker, are also often well connected and represent a huge number of performance models and sports body doubles across all sports. This means that they can bring in well-trained and vetted performers to ensure that the commercial is of the highest quality and achieves the creative director’s vision.

If you would like any more information on what sports choreography is and how it could benefit your brands commercial, get in touch with our sports choreographers today at Playmaker on +44 (0) 203 727 5203.


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