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Athletes over Online Influencers for Sports Adverts

With the growing number of influencers becoming internet famous and saturating the market, it is possible that only a select few will be able to influence the public in the near future. Whilst sports stars like Neymar or Eden Hazard are always likely to be more influential than lesser-known influencers, it is still crucial to ensure the sports adverts in which they feature are credible and dynamic by utilising sports choreography.

What is sports choreography?

Sport is an industry in which many people have an interest, but perhaps only relatively few have an area of high expertise. That is why, despite the fact that a sports advert director may have a brilliant vision for their advert, they probably do not have the technical knowledge to instruct a sports stars like Paul Pogba or Lionel Messi in how to perform a sporting activity.

That is where we at Playmaker come in. We provide sports choreography services whereby we can take the director’s instructions and relay them to the sports star clearly and effectively. Our choreographers all have a professional sporting background meaning we understand the mindset of athletes and can provide physical demonstrations of the actions required as well as a verbal explanation.

Why you need a sports choreographer

Having a sports choreographer like Playmaker onset is vital to ensure the advert is realistic, while also ensuring the sports star is at ease and confident with the movements they are required to complete.

Sports choreographers are not there to take over from the director, but simply to take the director’s vision and bring it to life by providing clear instructions and demonstrations to the sports stars. The clearer the instructions, the easier it will be for the performer to concentrate on executing the skill in a realistic manner, thus bringing the advert to life.

If you would like any more information on what sports choreography is and how it could benefit your brands commercial, get in touch with our sports choreographers today at Playmaker on +44 (0) 203 727 5203.


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