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Influencer Marketing for the Sports Industry

It has been reported that millennials may be the healthiest generation yet, as a fashion trend of hitting the gym has taken hold. More and more people are putting a healthy lifestyle ahead of everything else. This means that sporting products and brands are becoming more popular, making the market even more competitive.

With the market being as competitive as it is, many brands look to the assistance of influencers to reach their target audience and sell their products. Today, the sports choreography team here at Playmaker are looking at the effect sports influencers have when marketing sports related products and services.

One of the main ways sporting brands use this strategy is through cinematic sports commercials. By bringing in huge influencers such as football players or other athletes, sporting brands are able to create a sense of identity and community around the product or brand. This idea of identity and community has proved successful in the past and is a must when it comes to appealing to the current market.

Let’s be honest though, the cinematic quality and sports choreographyof sports commercials needs to be great in order to really drive the marketing message home to the consumer. Anyone can hire a football player for the day and get them to stand in front of the camera reading from a script. To really get the consumers invested, you need to have the sports influencer or athlete carrying out some exciting and dynamic movement.

Sports choreographers like the ones here at Playmaker are able to instruct and demonstrate athletes and models on what movements to make so that the finished sports commercial fits in with the creative directors and brands vision.

If you feel like you could benefit from sports choreography for your sports commercial, then contact us today.

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