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Sports Stars and Their Iconic Celebrations

From Alan Shearer’s arm raise, to Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘Si!’ jump, sports star’s celebrations are becoming a huge part of the industry, constantly mimicked by younger athletes all looking up to their idols. A handful of the biggest sporting players have become known purely for their celebrations, it has become an iconic part of some sports and can help to project a player’s prominence.

Whether it be the Premier League, NFL or NBA, celebrations have become a more ‘commercialised’ act and are now often incorporated in sports commercialsor product launches.

Here at Playmaker, sports choreography and advertising consultancy, we’ve put together a list of some of the top iconic celebrations that we’ll never forget.

1. Conor McGregor - The Walk

From junior cage fighters to football icon Sergio Ramos, we’ve all tried it. Conor McGregor’s fight vs Khabib Nurmagomedov is probably most famous for Conor’s confident walk, rather than the outcome. Throwing his arms in front of him as he glides across the ring, it perfectly accompanied his outlandish personality!

2. LeBron James - The Press Down

King James. Perhaps the most well-rounded, well-known basketball player to ever play. James has a fantastic personality both on and off the court and is a true icon for many - his celebrations aren’t too bad either! Whether it be his flying dunks or beating his chest, every sports photographeris waiting for that one moment to capture. James first performed his ‘chest’ celebration when playing for the Miami Heat as a signal to fans and media alike that he was still performing at the top level, no matter his age. He has since continued to use this iconic celebration as he enters his 15th year in the NBA.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo - The Si!

Since his record-breaking transfer to Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo seemingly took it upon himself to create one of the most iconic celebrations in football history - and lucky for him, he was able to use it a fair amount of times. Known as the ‘Si!’ jump, fans from around the world are seen to join in in the stands as he begins his run up, with the noise traveling around the stadium as they end the celebration in unison. Not many sport stars have this control over a crowd. Now, as the face of the biggest sports game in the world, EA Sports FIFA, Ronaldo’s celebration is so recognisable it is being used in promotional ads enticing many fans to purchase the game.

4. Tiger Woods - The Arm Raise

The greatest golf player of all time also has one of the most iconic celebrations in the game. Not only does it feature on the majority of golf advertising and commercials, but it also includes everything we love about Tiger. ‘Red Sunday’ is a phrase associated with Woods, as he wears red attire on finals day. This iconic arm thrust into the air following a crucial putt summed up everything about Woods and his passion for golf. It is constantly being replicated by amateurs since it was aired, all hoping to be wearing red on a finals day.

5. Usain Bolt - The Bolt

The 2008 world record-breaker Usain Bolt, much like these other athletes, is a huge star on and off the track. His ‘Bolt’ celebration was a global phenomenon, featuring in sports commercials and being mimicked by other stars such as Mo Farah. Usain Bolt’s celebration is even being used in TV adverts for his sponsorship deals, ensuring it’s never forgotten.

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