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The Importance of Sports Advertisement in 2019

Like every year in sport, the market, competition and level of influence is growing and one area in particular that is excelling is sports advertisingand commercials. Brands needn’t rely on anyone other than themselves, as building their own social media followings becomes all the more relevant and they strive to release the most innovative and inspiring content and promotional sports adverts.

It’s fair to say that these past couple of years have seen a huge shift in how sports marketing is presented, how products are being advertised and how sports influencer advertising has come in to its own! Athletes and influencers are now heavily involved in marketing big brands.

So, why is sports advertisement so important in 2019?

1. The commercialisation of sport

Over the last few years, sport has become an industry focused heavily on profits and business. With sports TV licenses and sponsorship deals breaking records every year, sports brands and clubs are using influential and popular athletes in adverts to capture the attention of their huge global following.

For sports advertising directors, influencer marketing provides their brand with the perfect opportunity to make an impact on and capitalize from the attention of athlete’s fans. For example, using a world-renowned player to showcase your new boots or football kits is guaranteed to raise awareness of your brand and create a huge boost in sales.

2. The plan to be the biggest

With so many sports brands in the world, they’re all competing to be the best. One way to do this? Through advertising! Now, it’s safe to say that the big brands are probably in a league of their own, and they are able stand above the rest because they have the biggest marketing and advertising budgets.

If you’re a new brand looking to compete with the sports giants, sports advertisement is crucial-especially if you want to quickly grow your audience and attract the attention of athletes. There are a variety of ways brands can do this but the most notable is the introduction of shirt sleeve sponsors.

3. It’s more than an advert

For many fans across the globe, sport creates a wide range of emotions; it’s played to release stress and it’s watched to boost camaraderie between fellow supporters. It’s an emotive industry and done correctly, sports brands can send an all important message and make their mark with the help of a sports model. This point applies particularly to the recent advert, ‘Dream Crazy’, which featured Colin Kaepernick, an athlete at the forefront of a movement against racism, social inequality and police brutality in the US, who controversially knelt during the national anthem before his NFL games. The brand's fans were divided with some appreciating its sheer brilliance and others filming themselves burning the brand's clothing!

The advert became a global phenomenon overnight. Why? Because it was a talking point, it was topical and relatable for so many. For big brands, sports advertising is more than showcasing a brand-new product, it’s about sharing a message - an important lesson sports brands should take from the sports giant.

As a sports advertising consultancy, we know the importance of effective sports action choreography to make sure your brand message is portrayed loud and clear and your vision is brought to life exactly how you desire.

For more information about our sports advertising and sport choreography, get in touch with our team today on +44 (0) 203 727 5203.


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