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How Sports Choreography Can Improve Your Commercial

It feels like every brand in the world is pushing for a more creative and more dynamic feel to their commercials these days. The world of sports brands is a notoriously competitive one, as such, each brand needs to push the limits in their advertising efforts to win over potential consumers.

One of the main ways brands will try to gain the trust and allegiance of potential consumers is by shooting a commercial with some of the world’s most famous sporting stars. Everyone from Lucozade to Visa have used famous sports personalities in their commercials to drive their brand message.

Here at Playmaker our sports choreography team have listed some of the reasons why brands will use sports choreographers to improve their commercials.

Sporting knowledge

Many sports choreographerswill have a background in sport. The fact is that they understand the movement needed from the sports star to deliver a great scene or shot in line with what the creative director is trying to visually achieve.


Sports choreography is a niche talent. The skills and confidence required to listen to what the director wants and relay that information to the sports personality or actor so that they understand what is required from them, is built over years of experience and practice. Being able to demonstrate to the sports personalities the correct movements to perform on camera requires this experience so that the shoot doesn’t over run and end up being costly.

Second pair of eyes

Although sports choreographersaren’t on set to take over and direct the commercial, they have got years of experience in assisting creative directors and getting the best out of the sports personalities and actors. This means that if they need to, they can cast a second pair of eyes on a certain scene or shot and offer advice and ideas to see the commercial live up to the director’s and brand’s vision.

If you are in need of sports choreography for your commercial, then contact our sports choreographers today on +44 (0) 203 727 5203.


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