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How Sports Choreography is Changing the Game for Sports Adverts

One of the hardest challenges for any ad director is holding the audience’s attention long enough for the advertisement and brand message to take hold. As a result, many sports adverts are having to get more creative by introducing techniques we wouldn’t have seen years ago. With these new techniques come new physical demands on the talent featuring in the adverts.

Sports adverts are a clear example of how far the creative drive has to be for a brand in this day and age. Most brands and creative directors will pull on the emotional strings of the audience when it comes to sports advertisements, making us feel energised, uplifted or simply unstoppable. One way they do this is by using sport talent such as famous and popular football players, athletes or actors that carry a certain physical aesthetic. With technology improving digital quality and filming capabilities, there is a certain standard expected when it comes to the performance from the talent.

Sports choreographers are often used to assist the creative directors in instructing the talent to perform and achieve these new physical demands expected by the audience. Sports choreography has been a growing service due to these new demands. Having a professional sports choreographer means movement and the ideas for the shoot are able to be fully explained. They can also be demonstrated to the creative director’s requirements in order to achieve the perfect shot and to make an eye-catching and engaging sports advert.

Here at Playmaker, our sports choreography team have over 10 years of experience in helping creative directors for huge brands get the most out of the athletes and actors you see on your screens every day. Our confident and dynamic team are always there to advise and assist in the brief they have been given and can quickly understand and communicate what is needed of the on-screen talent.

If you have any questions about sports choreography or feel you could benefit from the assistance of a sports choreographer for your sports adverts or production, please get in touch with one of our friendly team today on 07377373560.


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